Inspiring Imagination

There are three questions I am commonly asked: 1) Is that really how you spell your name? (2) How'd you become an aircraft mechanic? (3) Where do you get your story ideas? 

To answer the first question: Yes, that is exactly how I spell my name. A nurse came in to see my mother after delivering me to get my name. She replied, "Katrina". The nurse said that people would be calling me "Cat". So my mother changed the spelling. To this day, no one calls me "Cat." It does cause some complications when computers refuse to take the hypen but I just smile and say put a space there. Also the IRS has stopped taking hypenated names even though that is the spelling on my birth certificate. Go figure.

The second question is a fun story. One summer day, when I was 19 years old, I saw a plane fly overhead. Not an unusual event, but I decided I would learn to fly. I went to a regional airport and started my lessons and the instructor wanted me to solo with only eight hous of flying time. Fear drove me to be an aircraft mechanic instead. Aviation allowed me to travel and my favorite destination is Hawaii where I worked at the Honolulu Airport for three months. The above photo is one of many sunset pictures.

Last, but not least: How do I get my writing ideas? They come everywhere and sometimes from the people I associate with who ask for a special book. I have a work-in-progress titled Chosen which is written for a friend and her husband. Princess Alexia and the Dragon was written for my granddaughter. On Top of the Rainbow was written for my grandson. I have two more books to write for the next two grandchildren. If you'd like to have a story written for someone special in your life, contact me and we will see what we can work out.

“K-Trina has a way of pulling you into the story and then telling the story in such a way you truly experience it as you read."

- Anonymous on Amazon