Markie Madden

Markie Madden was born August 19, 1975, in Midland, Texas. She grew up in the small town of Flushing, Michigan. While in high school, she took creative writing and was a photographer for the school newspaper. In 1993, she won the National Quill and Scroll Society award for best photo in a high school paper. She began writing her first novel, Once Upon a Western Way, while still attending school.

Markie is now married with two teenage daughters, three rescue dogs, and her horse, Athena, who is featured on the cover of her horse care guide, Keeping a Backyard Horse. She tried many times over the years to publish her novel, first on her own, and then hiring a literary agent, all without success. In early 2012, after getting her first smart phone and e-reader application, Nook, she discovered the world of self-publishing. She finally published Once Upon a Western Way in April 2012.

In the late spring of 2013, Markie came down with a mysterious illness, which was ultimately diagnosed as leukemia (AML specifically). She underwent a rigorous treatment of chemotherapy, during which, at one point, her life was endangered. While hospitalized, an old high school friend who is also a published author reconnected with her. Since cancer and its treatment forced her out of the traditional workforce, Markie turned her attention to the world of writing.

By December of 2014, Markie was the successful publisher of three books. Markie founded Metamorph Publishing and is now working with two other independent authors as well.Currently, Markie lives in the small town of Fisk, Missouri, with her family, her dogs and her horse. She is working on a crime/paranormal series called The Undead Unit Series. Book one of the series, Fang and Claw, and Book two, Souls of the Reaper, are now available. Visit her website at: