when fears grip you and your phone is silent

when chores and responsibilities get to be too much

when you drop to your knees and cry out, “God, where are you?”

know my dear friend, you are never alone

He hears your cry, and His heart aches for you

He looks down and sees His daughter so beautiful

being deceived by the snare of His enemy

so in response to her anguished cry, He sends to her

His mighty army and opens her eyes

He removes her from her responsibilities for a short time

from the stresses that assail her so she can have her long-overdue quiet time

willing her not to focus on herself but upon Him

His own heart crying out in anguish

my daughter, my daughter, look to me

for I am your God, come to Me, and I shall heal you

but in My way – my daughter – in My way

your body is a shell that houses a soul

I will heal your soul for that is more important

your loneliness will turn into joy

your sadness will leave you;

you will dance in the streets

and praises from your sweet lips shall my ears hear

for I have brought you to this place to slow you down

I have brought you to this placed to surround you with My love

I have brought you to this place for your faith in Me shall grow

don’t forget this time

for this is the day that I have made

and I will shower you with mercies unlimited

I will shower you with limitless love

and for a very simple reason, this shall be done by Me for you

you, on your own, chose to accept Me, believe in Me and serve Me

you are My daughter, My princess and I shall never leave you nor forsake you

restore your strength, take care of your body

and tell all of your testimony of a God who loves you so much that

He didn’t give up on you when you had given up on yourself, and others

go and serve until I call you home my beautiful and precious daughter

This poem was first published in my book, Transcendence. You can find it in the Heart and Soul Series volume 1. Blessings,


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