Habakkuk 2:1-20

Habakkuk teaches us that leaders must learn to cherish the waiting time before they get their answers.

In chapter one, the prophet is positioned to watch and see.

In chapter two, he is positioned to stand and see.

In chapter three, he is positioned to kneel and see.

God declares five “woes” to Habakkuk in the second chapter of his book, describing His intense displeasure with His people. Yet God is sovereign, reigning over everything, then why doesn’t He use His leader to bring about justice immediately? The answer appears to be this: While Habakkuk waited, God did a wonderful work in his heart. Before God leads the world, He first wants to lead His leaders.

Habakkuk learned at least four lessons about God’s leadership in the world:

Not everything that happens conforms to God’s will and wishes.

Nothing that happens gets overlooked by God.

Everything that happens will ultimately be addressed with justice.

Nothing that happens should distract us from continuing to respond faithfully.



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