I sit here, thinking of my son. My youngest that is. I have two. I, as almost all parents are, am proud of my children. But I digress.

My youngest and I were in San Angelo, Texas, and we attended an arena football game. The opposing team, who was from Alaska, needed someone to help with their team on the sidelines. Duties included getting water, retrieving the ball off the field, handing out towels, interacting with the players. My son was chosen at random. It was one of those times of being in the right place at the right time. Logan was having the time of his life.

After the game, Logan went to the locker room where he met all the players, and they all autographed a football for him. I remember talking with one of players. He was so excited and passionate about playing football. Once upon a time, he was an NFL player who, due to injuries, was cut from the team. After healing, he started playing arena football. A direct quote from the player, “I would do anything to play. I love football. It is my life.”

Passion. It came through as he spoke to me about the one thing he loved.

So, this post is about: Find your passion. Live it. Love it. Share it. Pass it on.

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