In the summer of 2012, I spent three months in Ohau, Hawaii. But before I go there, here is some background on how I got this dream job. I am an aircraft mechanic in addition to being an author. It is because of my experience  that I was offered and accepted an aircraft maintenance contract position on Ohau. Heaven on earth? Oh yes! I  worked approximately fifty hours a week and still had two days to go exploring the island. I fell in  love and still am  in love with the people of Hawaii.

 My time there was amazing. I met some wonderful people, saw some fantastic sites, and allowed the sunsets to  feed my soul with their beauty. I swam with the dolphins, snorkeled with eels, and scuba dived one hundred feet to  explore the Sea Tiger. I went on a two hour horseback riding tour and visited famous movie sets. During another  dive, the master scuba diver prodded a small octopus out of his hole and placed it on my forearm. We swam together for about ten minutes, looking at each other eye to eye before he scurried off to tend to his business.

Island life is good.



As I walked early in the morning, groups of people gathered to paddle  boarding, aerobics on the beach, volleyball, and yoga. I visited museums,  gardens, lighthouses, and hiked to waterfalls and mountains, and swam with  the sea turtles.





With fellow mechanics from my job, I celebrated the fourth of July in Waikiki. I listened to live talented singers and watched performances. I ate at various restaurants, including the Hard Rock Cafe.



 I visited Pearl Harbor and was transported back in time. I spent a day in solemn thankfulness for all veterans past  and present. Thank you for what you do and what you sacrifice.







For my birthday in July, two of my fellow mechanics and I visited the Big Island. We watched lava in the volcano rise to the rim, walked through lava tubes, snorkeled, and kayaked around the island. On one side of the island, it was ninety degrees. The next day, on the other side of the island, I had to buy a sweatshirt because it was fifty-five degrees. We hiked paths with magnificent waterfalls and vegetation. I bought a hat from a man who made it from the leaves of trees. I still have it today, although it is no longer green but brown.

I am blessed to have spent this time in Hawaii and I look forward to the day I return.



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