Silver Strands
Silver Strands
I look in the mirror and what do I see?
silver strands shimmering back at me. 
Precious memories stir in my mind and I sigh –
a reflection of a past, with good and bad, gone by.
Looking forward; embracing the silver years –
may they be full of laughter and grandbabies near. 
How do you handle growing older? My mother started shining silver strands when she was but 19 years old. At 73 she is still dying her hair – silver. Seriously. For the longest time she dyed it brunette. But when she did go silver, she went silver platinum # 51. I smile at that. 
I started dying my hair at age thirty when the first few silver strands began to appear. Now in my forties I wonder why I bother. My boyfriend says he likes the silver contrast with my brunette hair. 
Is it vanity that I continue to dye my hair then? Anyone who knows me knows that isn’t so. Maybe I am still trying to capture youth instead of embracing the natural path of life. 
Regardless, though silver strands are nothing to be ashamed of, I am not quite ready to give up my honey brown #5. 
Live on,
Live happy. 
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