Breathing hard, I stopped beside the stream with its lovely flowers and mystical aura. What I would give to be invisible; then, I would stay in this magical place forever and be happy. For a moment, this was perfection. 

I knelt at the edge and peered at my reflection. My long blonde hair hung with the ends teasing the water surface. Imaginary fairies jumped from one rock to another, and I sighed at the tranquility of it as my heart rate slowed to a regular beat. 

How I wished I lived in such a fairy tale. A breeze brought me back to the present, and I drew back, suddenly afraid.  

He wasn’t far behind me, and the brief respite was now over. The reality of life ruined the perfect moment.  

Leaving the fairies to appear in another’s imagination, I stood and began running towards, what I hoped was, freedom.

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