She was crossing the street with her friends
when he first saw her
it was only a few months later
they attended their high school prom together

Friends said it wouldn’t last
barely was she seventeen when she said yes
and accepted the ring
not knowing how their love would be put to the test

it wasn’t always easy
this road that they’ve chosen
through college, war and the babies
love grew thru the troubles

She married her best friend and so had he
cause no one else would’ve stood
beside the other’s side as time went by

they crossed the street together
fifty years had passed
since the day he asked, and she said yes
and still, their love continues on

Standing inside before their family and friends
they renewed their vows
as he leaned down to kiss her
he whispered thanks for being my best friend

It wasn’t always easy
this road that we’ve chosen
through college, war, and their babies…
their love grew

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