Somedays it is overwhelming…

This thing called life….

And then God shows up…

and says

“Rest darling, I’ve got this. I go before you.”

I’ve seen and heard of beautiful acts of love, charity, and service in the past week before, during, and after this winter wonderland storm of Central North America stretching all the way from Nebraska to the coast of Texas.

I’ve seen and heard of lives lost, livestock dying, new births happening, propane stolen, driveways being cleared for others, pipes being fixed at no charge for ministries, restaurants feeding people , doctors and dentists rearranging their schedules, oil and gas, emergency crews, utility companies, truckers doing what they can to get supplies distributed and more are out working in frigid weather.

God says go the extra mile… and in His strength we can and we do.

Be encouraged and strengthened today as you face your challenges. You are not alone. God is with us and for us.

Blessings prayed over your family today in the mighty name of Jesus.


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