The breathtaking view stopped me from donning my cold water wet suit, but only for a moment as the excitement of diving in such tranquility stirred me. If only I had known the danger beforehand, then I would have stayed above water that day.

I stepped off the sailboat with my partner seconds behind me. We dove in the crystal clear icy water and marveled at the beauty of the plant life, and the unusual fish that were swimming about us. The excitement of discovering the world below the surface swam in my eyes.

Never far from each other, we exchanged hand signals and moved further from our boat. With my back to him, I did not know that my husband had reached over and turned the oxygen regulator off. By the time I realized what he had done, it was too late.

Excitement and wonderment turned to fear as I fought to reach the valve to turn it on. He grabbed hold of my arms, holding them in front of me, and wouldn’t let go despite my struggles. This man who I professed my love to watched as I drew my last breath and the ocean became my grave.

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